• Marianne

    Well Janet Napolitano, I guess in your mind I am a terrorist: I believe in the Tea Party.  The Tea Party has awakened many Americans to the spending insanity going on in Washington. I have NEVER seen an outbreak of unruly people of any color at their gatherings.  So I guess I am a American flag waving terrorist.   I have come to think of the crooks in DC as the real problem.  Open your eyes Ms Napolitano and get new talking points.  2012 and you’ll all be finished with your stint in trying to bring this great nation to its knees.

    • Well said. Despite the lunitic ravings from the mainstrean media and the Democratic Party, the people who make up the Tea Party are law-abiding, patriotic Americans who love this country and hope to preserve it for their children and grandchildren. Obama, Reid, Durbin, Pelosi and the American Left are frightened by the Tea Party and what happened in November 2010. They greatest fear is November 2012.

  • Lbwalker

    One: I’d like to see your “research” that shows that “nearly every single one of the “patriotic” Americans who reports on their fellow citizen is either Black, Asian or Arab.”

    Two: 2 words–Timothy McVeigh.

    • You on the left are pitiful. All you can do is go all the way back to McVeigh for godshakes! The terrorists threatening us are Islamic. Period.