• Anonymous

    Obama will play the race card and Romney will be so afraid of being called a raaaaaacist that he will let himself be steamrollered.  Obama is perfectly willing to instigate riots like we had in the 1960’s in order to be re-elected because he doesn’t give a shit about America–it’s all about him.  Personally, I’m afraid that the US Military is going to have to be the ones who remove him from the White House.  I want to thank all the Obama voters of 2008 for being so stupid as to vote for him and I wish them luck–although they definitely got the government they deserve.

    • A little tough on the “Messiah”, aren’t you?

      Well … maybe not. Barack Obama will go down in history as the worst president Americans ever suffered under. The man, and the entire Democratic Party, is/are interested only in retaining power and changing the face of the United States of AMerica from a republic to a socialist dictatorship.

      November cannot come fast enough.