• This is of course based on the assumption that it was the Obama administration that changed the name to “benefit”. But how do we know that? How do we know it wasn’t the Senate and the House?

    • It was the Obama administration that changed it. There are numerous statements uttered by Barack and his flunkies calling it a benefit.

  • joan laius

    I believe this is the work of the Congress, specifically, the Republican House so they can turn around and take some of it away to balance the budget, IT IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT, I REPEAT IT IS NOT AN ENTITLEMENT, and I dont care what the government wants to call it, it is OUR MONEY………

  • thoughtiboughtamerican

    This is just like all the political malarky. People like you take a fact – that social security is earned income (we pay taxes on it) and it is and has been abused by our government and then make false statements blaming only the current administration and Democrats for the problem. Get a life. If the Bush administration had not lied and then got us into a war we cannot win we wouldn’t have such a deficit. I guess a lie is as good as the truth if you put the word Democrat in it. My economic instructor once told me you could massage facts and statics to support any point of view.

    • Awwww, you poor pitiful dupe. Balming George Bush once again: “A War We Cannot Win”? The war in Iraq was won until America’s apologist (Barack) gave the store away just as he’s doing in Afghanistan. Social Security? Successive Democrat presidents and Congress’ raided the so-called “lockbox” to finance social engineering to garner votes. Period.