OMG, your scandals are so cute! Where did you get them? Alex Jones?

    • Google or Bing it, you poor misinformed Democrat dupe. There’s a lot out there written by “mainstream” press on this subject. It’s just that, the majority of the media has been and is in the ‘tank’ to the Left in this country we hear or see so little about this stuff.
      Wake up!

      • IANAL

        I did google it. The very first hit was Alex Jones’ crazy conspiracy site infowars. All of the other links were the usual circle jerk of tea batty conjecture sites, each one feeding each other with one bit of wing nut conspiracy theories after another crack pot conspiracy theories. The reason that the “mainstream” press cannot run with stories like this is that some of them feel a moral obligation to retain their dignity and value accuracy over sensationalism — traits that you abhor.

        • So you Goggled it? You need to learn how to use the Internet and start going further than the obvious. As with so many left wing apologists, you see only enough to justify your unfortunate beliefs.

          • IANAL

            Listen, it was quite obvious that you did not write the article yourself. You blindly copied and pasted yet another wacky conspiracy theory. You did not independently verify any of the facts of the article. You simply reposted what you were told to repost, copying the Alex Jones article line for line. You did not even bother to change the headline.

            So, you are going to begrudge me that I find your fanciful tale humorous and I am not gullible enough to believe something from a man that thinks Barack Obama has a tornado gun and is causing all of the tornadoes in Oklahoma?

            This is not quite unremarkable coming from you. Why, not a week goes by that at least one of your stories on the front page is debunked at snopes.

          • lildebrarae

            ‘Listen’ …Watergate happened BEFORE AlexJones ever had Infowars.

            Do ‘try’ to keep up.

          • IANAL

            OK, and this has what to do with the article? Yes, the one fact that is correct in the article is that there was a Watergate.
            Do ‘try’ to keep up.

          • lildebrarae

            It also states that Hilliary YOUR CHAMPION was fired for LYING.

            So much for you.

            “Do ‘try’ to keep up.”

          • lildebrarae

            Fact is …that the article is about Hilliary Clinton’s conduct that led to her being ‘fired’ in the first place.

            Do ‘try’ to keep up.

          • IANAL

            And, yet, the only “source” of this information is Zeifman. If Clinton did act in the manner that warrants censure, why didn’t Zeifman report her to the bar?
            So, no….Zeifman’s statements speaks volumes on Zeifman. And the willingness of the editor and your willingness to perpetuate unsubstantiated rumours speaks volumes to both of yours gullibility. The editor has a track record of gullibility, posting dozens of stories debunked by Snopes. But, you are new to this, and starting your own track record of gullibility. Job well done.
            Do ‘try’ to keep up. And stop being so naive.

          • This is the last time I am going to do this; Reply to your weak attempts to question anything and everything that sheds a spotlight on the left wing in our government.
            DIG DEEPER into the Internet and you will find sources other than Alex Jones. Do not, as you Progressive, left winger apologists always try to do and attack a respected man like Mr. Zeifman. You show your narrow mindness.

          • IANAL

            OK…..show me a secondary source to Zeifman. I cannot find it on the internet because only Zeifman is making the claims decades after the eventers purportedly happened. If he truly believed the new-found characterization of Hillary back then, he should have reported her to the bar. Since he had not, we only have innuendo. Try to do better. Regurgitating innuendo only demonstrates your partisan blind spot and narrow mindedness.

          • RickLogic

            Whether there are “sources” other than Alex Jones that have done a copy/paste of the same single original claim by “Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat” is irrelevant.

            A single claim, unsubstantiated by verifiable fact, does not become better evidence because more paranoia blogs chose to copy/paste it.

            Show us the contemporaneous written records. A letter of censure, a report to the bar, even a letter indicating termination for cause.

            All you have is the word of one old guy who may have any number of reasons for lying himself.

          • Patricia

            Snopes lost ALL credibility LONG time ago. Get current for heaven’s sake.

          • RickLogic

            The fact that Snopes has been inconvenient to the right wing lie machine does not harm it credibility.

            I do understand why people who enjoy recycling the right wing lie book find Snopes irritating.

      • RickLogic

        I did Google it. Every version of the story goes back to a single claim by a single individual by the name of
        “Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat”

        You right wingers seem to imagine evidence gets stronger when it is copy/pasted by more paranoid right wing blogs.

        And Yes, Alex Jones is one of the paranoia dealers who has copy/pasted this single individual’s claim.

        Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat
        Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat
        Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat

        • lildebrarae

          I love your pathetic attempts at a personal attack, but the fact is you can’t post one link to prove that Jerry Zeifman lied.

          So since you can’t … you scream about ‘right wingers’.

          Typical, and pathetic.

    • lildebrarae

      The fact that Hilliary Clinton was FIRED from the Watergate scandal was before Alex Jones had any popularity whatsoever. So much for ‘you’.

      • IANAL

        You are attempting to make it sound like she was fired for some documented case of malfeasance, instead of the fact that everyone in the inquiry staff was let go when Nixon resigned. The staff was no longer needed because the purpose of their inquiry was rendered moot when Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment hearings. So much for you.

        • It is amazing how the Left chooses to rewrite history to suit its sense of importance, isn’t it? Kinda of sad.

          • IANAAL

            It’s amazing that you think that just because you call someone the left or just because you state that the person with the facts on his side is rewriting history, that I will not notice. Yes, it is kind of sad that you prey on the gullibility of your readers to not do basic fact-checking. I do not know if it is because you are willfully ignorant or you are promoting a toxic agenda that is fact-free and partisan.

          • RickLogic

            EIC –

            Show us the document that supports a claim that Hillary was terminated for cause.

            All you have is one single story teller and your choice to accept his story as proof.

      • RickLogic

        Where is your evidence she was “fired”? People leave jobs for lots of reasons so unless there is contemporaneous documentation that her exit was a termination for cause, all you have isone guys statement. The same guy who is the source for avey word ofthe story.

        • Contemporaneous documentation that her exit was a termination for cause? With the Clintons?! You gotta’ be kidding. People have died and have been the victims of vicious character assassination for even uttering what the article said. Hillary is the Dems only hope in 2016 and she’s going down like the Titanic!

    • CannedHeat

      ..for something that is documented in the Library of Congress.. you must be so far gone nothing would convince you. How does it smell that far up the progressive glands? Pull your head out and breathe the air of liberty and justice …read the Constitution to start.

      • You’re canned something, aren’t you.
        Hillary Clinton is a two-faced opportunist who has done anything to stay in the limelight and retain a seat of power.
        Every word in the article is fact…
        So, take that!

        • CannedHeat

          Why do you think I posted it? A moderator who cannot discern what a simple paragraph means? Especially, when it has collaborating facts! My God man…. your comprehension skills are severely lacking. Never would I give the Clinton’s an micro-ounce of praise.. there is nothing there to praise.

  • Spenserr

    Neither Clinton can change their stripes… they are liars & deceivers

    • jackcandobutwont

      Both bubba and hildabeast are redneck carpetbaggers…..liars and if the truth ever comes out…responsible for the deaths of dozens!~!

      • There are an awful lot of unanswered questions out there on that subject. Maybe in 50 or 100 years the world will learn the truth.

    “Though she’s ugly, dishonest, and mean,
    Just the wickedest witch ever seen,
    She’s the best that we’ve got,
    So let’s give her a shot
    And elect her in Twenty-Sixteen.”

    “Oh, for goodness sake:
    I made a little mistake!
    So I lied and lied
    And people died:
    What difference does it make?”

    Though I’m no Clinton fan, I do find,
    As support for his wife has declined,
    That I’m actually beginning
    To wish she were winning,
    ‘Cause I can’t stand to see her behind.

    “I brought Belfast the peace they desire
    And in Bosnia dodged sniper fire!
    I’m impossibly grand
    And cannot understand
    Why I’m called an incorrigible liar!”

    Barack, John, and Hill are not reticent:
    In the White House they mean to be resident.
    Seems they learned how to rule
    Back in nursery school
    And are fully prepared to be president.

    She has shown she knows how to succeed,
    And the public no longer pays heed
    To the old rumor mill
    And her problems with Bill:
    Yes, Lewinski is destined to lead!

    Despite limits to presidents’ terms,
    As a certain Amendment affirms,
    Mrs. Old Two-for-One
    Won’t admit that she’s done,
    Having already shared her two terms.

    “Being asked for my views on morality,
    I must say I believe in equality:
    I agree with your view
    And the opposite, too
    – It depends on the date and locality.”

    What compares to the horrible fright
    That will haunt us on Halloween night?
    Consider the fear,
    As elections draw near,
    Ghoulish candidates soon will excite!

    Eight years of the Clintons in power
    Leave a taste in the mouth that is sour
    And an overall sense
    That we need a good rinse
    And should spend extra time in the shower.

    The First Lady’s a post-modern wife
    In responding to marital strife:
    She’ll stand by her man
    As long as she can,
    ‘Cause it’s better than “20 to Life.”

  • Ronaldo Hernandez

    Since when did conservatives object to shielding a US President who attempted to assassinate the Marxist revolutionary dictator who ruled Cuba? When did this topsy-turvy world overtake normally sensible instincts of conservatives?

    • Hey, the only two prominent US politicians who tried that were BOTH Democrats: Jack Kennedy and Hillary. And they both failed.

    • Hillary Clinton is an opportunist, a lair, a doormat to husband, Bill “Bubba” Clinton and his affairs while in the White House (and governor’s mansion) and does not deserve to run for the presidency of the United States. And, what’s with this ‘shielding’ of a president? Hillary tried to railroad Richard Nixon who was a much better president than “Bubba” was.

  • Danni Smith

    hey anal, did you hear the rumor that hil said, “businesses don’t create jobs”? Just another rumor from the mill.

  • william kirby

    Clintons lie better than any politician ever has! Remember Bill wavig his finger saying that he didn’t boink the fat brunette????? So sad to think that if Bill Clinton had guts and went after Bin Laden 9/11 may not have happend