Free Work from Home Jobs: Start Making Money


Free Work from Home Jobs

Free Work from Home Jobs

Free work from home jobs becomes more common and common each day. Thanks to internet surely. Almost all people cannot agree more with people telling that working from home is a kind of blessing for anyone, especially for mothers wanting to make money by themselves without leaving all the house chores and children behind. The examples of free work from home jobs are selling designs, blogging, doing e-commerce, becoming an online affiliate, selling website space, becoming a freelance writer, becoming an online marketing expert, teaching online, creating video content, becoming social media expert, etc. You can be one of them.

So, how can I work from home? This must be the question you will ask if you are at home, don’t work and want to go back to work without leaving your house. Below is what you should do:

  • Browse your internet and search for online jobs. See if there is a job that you think you are qualified. See also people’s experience in working at home. Learn well about their experience. See the dos and the don’ts of working at home.
  • If you are more interested in working at home staring at your laptop, make sure you prepare anything related like computer sets, internet which has to be high speed, and your skills that will be offered to people.
  • Be persistent and confident in doing your job.
  • If you choose a company that is based in other countries, prepare yourself that you might be working very late at night since they have different time zones.
  • Keep yourself updated with technology and knowledge related to your job.

Now, see the things below if you are more interested in doing a job from home. Those tips are also for those who don’t work online but simply create a job from home.

Tips to look for the legitimate part time work from home jobs

Beware of scams. Some companies claim you can make a lot of money from home. Those companies usually campaign their game on Twitter, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

  • Be careful with the fake job listings on websites for hunting jobs, even if the websites are legit.
  • Be careful with the companies promising you to be your own boss being able to make a lot of money but they turn out to try to own your business and charge you for costs related and startup kits.
  • Find out what you are good at. Are you good at making crafts? Are you good at sewing? Do you master a certain language? Do you master yoga? Do you have something to share or to teach to other people? Etc. Your skills and ability can be the thing that you can sell online.
  • Make yourself be better and better in using computers. If it is possible, hire someone to teach you how to do this and that.
  • For those who don’t want to work online but still want to work at home
  • Be creative and imaginative enough to learn about your neighborhood, best friends living not far from you, and your relatives. Are they too busy to even shop for themselves? Are they too busy that they often need other people to keep an eye on their kids? Do your best friends’ kids need someone to teach English, Math, or Science to them?
  • If you love pets, and your neighbors or best friends love them too. You can start your business by keeping their pets every time they go away. Your space at the back of your house can be a hotel for pets.
  • Making crafts, sewing, hair doing, etc. are simple things you can do to start your business from your house.

If you are experienced in working at offices and for some reasons you have to quit and work at home and for some reasons also you still want make money from home with your “back office” skills and abilities—you only want to work online with your computer, here are some examples of online jobs possible to grow faster.

Free work from home jobs that grow faster

  • PDF converter and editor
  • Data entry
  • Data processing
  • Copy Typing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Web search
  • Excel
  • Customer support
  • Article submission
  • Mobile developer

So, if you think you are qualified to do those jobs that grow faster, now is the time for you to apply for the job. Just look for the job opportunities online and follow the guidance below.

Free work from home jobs: Finding out the real ones from internet

  • Prepare yourself with common sense and instinct so if you find something strange you are not that easy to get fooled.
  • Do some researches for any company offering you a job. Contact the company offering you a job, and if they don’t tell you the name of the company, what business the company runs, the personal detail like address, names of the boss, etc. it is wise you just go away.
  • Here are the signs of the scammers that you should know so you can go away from them. They will ask you about your financial condition, bank account, home address, date of birth, and phone number. They will accept you to work without asking about your experience at your previous job. They will promise you to pay you higher with only little work and responsibilities from you. They will give you a personal email address that seems to be like the one from a famous one. For example: [email protected], etc.
  • A real company will send you an email to offer you a job but after that you will be asked to have a job interview by phone or video conferencing.

You become more confident after knowing the scammer signs, right? Go tell yourself I want to work from home! See your opportunity below that will make you even more confident.

Free Work from Home Jobs

Here is the list of legitimate jobs for those looking for work from home jobs that you can try:

  1. Survey Taker. As a survey taker you have to answer questions about people’s habit of shopping, to review products, and to take opinion polls. By being a survey taker you will be paid in cash so you will have to have PayPal Account or be paid by points to redeem for gifts. If you are interested in this kind of job and you think you are qualified, just browse some websites available for this job and learn well before you apply. Always remember, that you don’t ever give your bank information and other personal information. Forget it if they are not clear about the payment and if they oblige you to pay for membership.
  2. English Trainer for Corporate or personal. This job is perfect for native speakers; however, others whose native language is not English are still possible to teach as long as they can show the document telling that you master English both oral and written. The added skills needed are computer skills and knowledge about the countries where the people you teach come from and of course with their cultures. This knowledge will ease both teacher and students in speaking over the phone or other application like Skype. Surely, the fastest internet connection and a good condition of computer are needed. You also need to prepare that often you have to teach at night or very early in the morning, since you will teach people from other countries with different time zones. It is greater if you have education in teaching ESL and have degrees from it.
  3. Search Engine Evaluator. People who have knowledge of other countries’ cultures, music, and movies will be great for this job. In this job you will have to search for something in Google or Yahoo! and you should tell how easy and how closely it is to get the information of the thing you search.
  4. Virtual Assistant. This kind of job is good for those who are multitasking. Many companies need this to save money. Managing calendars, assisting with social media, replying emails, and entering data are parts of the responsibilities to take.
  5. Job Transcriptionist. This kind of job is so easy that you only have to listen to audio files and type what you hear. This job almost needs no skills and experience. Just search for this job and prepare yourself for the test like short writing test to see if you have accuracy in writing in detail.
  6. Direct salespeople. This is for those who have tons of energy, are outgoing people who love having new friends and meeting new people in their life, and surely have spirit of entrepreneurship. There are many companies selling their products who needs direct salesperson that’s why they offer this kind of job openly and widely. Browse internet right away if you need it.
  7. Online nurse. This is a job for those with nursing degree for sure. Health Insurers, health providers, and health management companies all need online nurse that can handle case management, patient education, and treatment authorization. This job is usually well-paid and so competitive with the ones in a hospital.
  8. CSR—Customer Service Representative. This job is of course for people who have abilities to talk on the phone well while working on the computer set. The computer skills, speaking skills, interpersonal skills, and other skill related are required. They will have to help customers get what they need and desire. They of course should be able to resolve conflicts and place an order.

Are you qualified to do one of those jobs? If you think that those jobs are not for you, below are more jobs that may seem to be easier for you. Check them out.

Free work from home jobs that no need experience:

  • Proofreading and editing job. All you have to do is be good at grammar and search for grammar and spelling mistakes. Of course, before that you just need to edit the writing.
  • Freelance writing. All you have to do is write correctly in both grammar and spelling. The content of the writing cannot be fake or cheated from others. You need to write originally and even if you write with other resources, you have to mention the real writers. There will be companies who hire you to write about anything. Nowadays the writers won’t have any problems since internet will help them. The best thing about this job is the writers will broaden their knowledge since they have to search for resources in internet. Sometimes the writers find the topic they should write about never crosses their mind, so this job is so interesting and challenging in positive ways at the same time.
  • Many people say that this is the best online job ever. Many people can make a lot of money by being a blogger. All you have to do is just create a blog in free or paid blogging sites. After that you have to post interesting and original photos or articles, or videos. Next, you have to start promoting your blog to get traffic, and then make money with advertisement companies available online, like the one from Google.
  • Working for YouTube. This is also interesting and very easy to do. Just join the partner program of YouTube and create very interesting videos. After that, upload the videos and you will be paid for your videos. Well, you may be rejected for the first time, but don’t give up. It takes creativity and imagination, right? Hard work will make you a great video maker and will be paid well. To make your videos have many viewers just post them in famous social media.

So, what do you think? Don’t you think it’s interesting to work from home? Hopefully this article about free work from home jobs can give you inspiration and give enough information that will make you more confident in finding and doing the job.

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