Make Money Online without Investment 2018


Make Money Online without Investment

Make Money Online without Investment

Have you ever thought to make money online without investment? Taking opportunity to start or expand our business is a good thing recently. It is mainly because of the internet access condition that is getting more sophisticated. More than that, internet can now be simply accessed even in remote areas. However, such business may require you to have capital at first. It is basically used as the investment. Without you make money investing online, the money velocity will not be happened and the chance to get profit will be less. The main problem is when you don’t have money for capital at all. For this matter, looking for any other ways is necessary. Interestingly, there are many possibility to earn money even without any first capital. Some of them can even be done when you are already busy enough as the side job. Thanks to some sites that enable the internet users to earn money without working really hard. What are the sites?

Make Money Online without Investmentwith Clixsense

make money online without investment

One of the easiest way to earn money without investment through internet is via a site namely Clicxsense. It is even easier than home based online job. Clixsense is a kind of Paid to Click site in which the member will be paid by doing some jobs. This method indeed will not make your rich instantly. However, you can save up the dollars consistently in it. Here are some jobs you can do in Clixsense.

  1. Watching the Advertisement

It may sound silly anyway. How can we earn money just by seeing the advertisement? The more logical is that the advertiser who will get more money for this. But it is impossible anyway. There is a system implemented by some advertisers. To gain more customers, they allow people who see their advertisement to gain money. Of course, the money found is not as much as what they will get. But it is surely really interesting and beneficial. How is it? First, you may go to the sites who provide this service; one of them is After logging in, you can see menu available on the upper right corner of page. Then, click many View Ads. In this new page, there are various advertisements to be clicked.

Click one of them to bring you into a new page. In this page, there is verification in the form of animal image with certain command, like “click on the cat”. Then, you may click images with cat to verify. If it is correct, the advertisement page will be opened in countdown timer around 5 seconds. After it is over, the value of advertisement will be added in your account. Do it some more times until the advertisements provided are over. Different advertisements will be appeared 24 later.

  1. Do Surveys

Still in the same website, you can get more money by filling in some questions in a certain survey. To follow the survey, it is required to complete the survey profile at first. The profile to submit can be found once you enter the first page of survey menu on the upper right of page. To do it, just click on one of surveys available and then follow the instruction. The money will be credited automatically after the you complete the survey. This feature is really recommended with biggest earning in Clixsense.

  1. Complete Task and Offer Feature

There are numerous features in Clixsense that you can enjoy in order to get money online. After watching advertisement and do a survey, there is also Task and Offer feature. Just like the name, it is like a simple homework that you may complete so easily and then you can get the reward. One of the tasks offered here is answering some questions and installing an app in your Smartphone. This activity can even be rewarded up to $100. To find this menu, you can look for it on the upper part of web page. You need to visit it often to see the availability of tasks that can be done faster and more easily.

  1. Play Clixgrid Game

Clixgrid is a feature in Clixsense that enables you to win money up to $10 just by watching the advertisement on the image box. First, you need to enter the Clixgrid menu available on the upper part of page. Next, there will be an image displayed; when it is clicked, it brings you to a new page that displays the advertisement. Wait for some seconds until the advertisement displayer is over to know whether you win the game or not. if you are still not lucky, you can try again later. This feature is almost similar to watching advertisement explained in the first point. However, it is easier since you don’t need to do the verification.

  1. Let People to Join It

The last feature to gain money from Clixsense is by promoting this referral link through social media, blog, and others. Each click from your referral link will give you commission anyway. The members of Clicksense are numerous for sure coming from various countries. To find tips and tricks in earning money, you can even join the discussion forum.

Home based online jobs

Neobux, the Online Earning

make money online without investment

Clixsense is not the only website with PTC system that let the members for online earning. There is also Neobux. In general, the way Neobux works is not so much different from Clixsense. However, the opportunity to earn money is unlimited through upgrading the membership and renting the referral. Some big accounts of Neobux already have renting referrals for more than 20 thousands. They are consistently earning money starting from $20 to $50 per day. Meanwhile, there are also some other jobs you can do to increase your income. To join this site at first, you may register on its official site and then complete the form. Open your email account and click the links to verify them that are sent by Neobux team.

The jobs you can find in Neobux are also similar to Clixsense. They are including clicking and watching advertisement, clicking AdPrize, completing task and offer feature, and renting referral. Each of them has its own rule for sure. You must not worry since the rules are not really difficult. For example if you want to complete the task, your answers as well as how many number you complete will influence your income. The better they are, your income can be higher as well. Here is the estimation anyway; when you complete a task, the value of money to find is from 0.01 to 1 dollar. Sure, the tasks to complete are more than that. In general, the jobs allocated for each member is around 50 per day.

If you are interested in joining this site, it is better for you to learn more about it at first. You can join the discussion forum to ask some questions to the senior members. There is indeed no risk when you do some errors there. However, it is much better to do anything right so that your income can grow faster as well.

Profit Online Without Venture from Affiliate Marketing

Are you a hard worker? And do you want to be paid necessarily for your hardworking? If yes, being an affiliate marketer is the best choice for you. There is a high chance to earn money consistently through affiliate marketer activity. Interestingly, the money you may find is not less as well.

Actually, what is affiliate marketing? It is a kind of internet jobs from home that require the marketer to sell other people’s products online whether they are in the form of goods or services. How to promote the products via affiliate marketing is various depending on your abilities. It can be through your websites, blogs, or Youtube channel. You can also use your social media for this.  The commission to find is the percentage of price of products sold out. The price has been determined before to avoid misunderstanding between the seller, marketer, and buyer. Interestingly, there are high chances for you to earn more than 50% from the products sold. You don’t need to worry about keeping, delivering, treatment for customers, and others. Yes, those matters are definitely not your job anyway.

There are even thousand sites available in the internet that provides affiliation programs. You can join one of them and promote their products. Some of popular affiliation programs available are Amazon, Clickbank, Vcommission, Flipkart, and so on. The main benefit of joining those popular affiliation providers is about their reputation. You must not worry that the programs are other forms of fraud or scam.

Profit Online Without Venture by Doing Online Survey

You may find it Déjà vu since the same method is also available in sites like Clixsense. Yes, survey online is not only available on that site anyway. There are many other sites that specially provide online survey. Undeniably, joining the survey is one of the easiest way to obtain money online.

You may wonder what survey actually it is. The sites that provide such surveys are commonly cooperated with global companies as the customers. Those companies need to know the needs looked for by their marketing targets. More than that, it is important also to know customers’ habits and so on in relation to a certain commercial products. The results of survey are then observed and analyzed to know what the customers’ really need.

To join the survey, you may look for the survey company at first. Make sure to register yourself and follow the instructions given. There are some big survey online sites that you can follow. Some of them are Star Panel, SurveyHead, Toluna, PanelPlace, Brand Institution, Permission Research, Planet Puse, Survey Savvy, and many others. Those big sites are considered as trusted and reputable with many bug companies as the customers. Therefore, the money earned can be more as well. Another benefit to join those big and popular sites is that you can avoid terrible online cases like fraud or scam.

Profit Online Without Venture via BestChange

BestChange is the biggest digital money changer in the world. It serves numerous currencies all around the world including Paypal, Webmoney, Payza, Skrill, Perfactmoney, and many more. It is also a good solution for you who look for online money changer but you find it confusing. Known as the biggest money changer with big velocity, it is a sign that BestChange is indeed really trusted and safe. Besides, it is also good for doing any transaction whether digital money selling and buying with good rate. Interestingly, this site also provides affiliation programs that can be followed by anyone as long as they follow the instructions and rules given.

You may wonder how to join this site? First, surely you need to register yourself to get a kind of affiliation link that you can use to collect dollars. It is by only copying the link and then spreading in online forums, blogs, social media except Facebook, and many others. If there is someone who clicks the link, you can find around $0.04-$0.35 for each unique visitor who comes to your affiliation link. Well, it means that you only need to share the links with hopes that they will be clicked by others. The limit of withdrawal is quite small; it is a dollar. It means that your credit is more than a dollar; you can just simply enjoy it by doing request payout. The process of payout is available from Monday to Friday.

Whaff Reward, Get Money Online through Smartphone

Whaff Reward is a Smartphone app where you can obtain dollars from it. it is really popular nowadays due to the way to use which is so easy and simple. Meanwhile, it is trusted proven by its ability to pay the members on time. After downloading the app, you can open it, tap enter, and log in via your Facebook account. To gain the first reward, you are asked to submit the invitation code and you will directly get 0.3 dollars. Next, you may do some activities in your Whaff account so that your account will not be considered as spam. In other words, you must look active. Activities to be done to gain rewards are including installing apps recommended, playing games, and many more. Make sure not to uninstall the app once you have it on your Android system since it is valuable with money as well.

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