Online Jobs for Students to Earn Money Guide


Online Jobs for Students

Online Jobs for Students

Having extra income while studying at college is a good way to help pay the tuition and bills because we all know how expensive it is. Instead of working offline jobs, today there are so many online jobs for students that can get you $100 pretty quick. These jobs are flexible yet they give pretty good money and it can even get you thousands of dollars if you find the right jobs. Having completed the classes in the afternoon, you can continue doing your work at night and get paid in the end of the week or month. It doesn’t matter what skills you have as online jobs are completely about learning new skills so you will definitely be capable at doing it.

Here, there are the best online jobs that pay at least $15/hour yet the workload is not a burden and is very easy to handle. So, imagine you do some work while doing your favorite activity, surfing on the internet.

Social Media Manager

The word manager always sounds good and promising. This time, you become a social media manager who works online or doing work from home telemarketing. Its responsibility is to manage company’s social media account for campaign and advertisement reason. A flexible and fun way to make money with flexible schedule as you can decide by yourself when you want to work. A manager means you will be the face and voice of a company or business on various engagement platforms. What you will mainly do is to promote content, deals and interact with the customers and followers.

To get online jobs for students started, you should apply for opening jobs as social media manager and show them your skills and portfolio. Once you get accepted, always focus on the social platforms especially those you know a lot and use. Make sure to be creative to engage with the followers and make the campaign a success.

Online Tutor

Here comes another option of online home base jobs. In this job, you become online tutor and get paid for around $15-$15 per hour. It is an excellent way to practice your knowledge and academic strengths and take it to next level. Start this job by yourself by offering peer tutor to fellow students. Or, you can also join the home school programs to find K-12 students who need tutoring.

What great about this job is it isn’t only about academic but more about the way to let you focus on extracurricular talents. For instance, you are good at music and art or even personal trainer. To market your tutoring services, there are various places online like Tutor and Wyzant. Or, you can also make your own tutoring business and advertise it online.

Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk is an online job profession that may not get you the highest paid. However, it is considerable easy and doesn’t require any skill or experience. It is among easy jobs for college students that high schoolers able to handle. What you need is only internet connection and computer or laptop. Find the jobs through available sites and apply for it.

Resume Writer

If you have a passion for writing, try becoming a resume writer that gets you paid for around $15 to $25 per hour. What is it all about? Well, your responsibility of being a resume writer is to help the new graduates to polish their resume so it is ready to be applied. To be good at this job, you need to be good at writing first. Start by offering the services to the closest potential clients like a friend of yours or a family. This will make great start instead of submitting applications and waiting for the response.

Search Engine Evaluator

You do not have to be a student at IT faculty to be eligible for this free online work as long as you have the skill because now there are so many people learning this skill by themselves and get very good at it. This job requires you to clean up the search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. Search engines are still vulnerable to errors despite its constant updates. So, real humans are required to look at the search results and provide the feedback on usefulness, accuracy and quality. Find this job at related sites.

Niche Blogger

This time, you become a blogger, a niche blogger in particular. It is one of the fun online occupations for understudies that give great pay for students. You should start by choosing the topic. It should be a topic that can offer clear value. Then, you start blogging by creating and sharing contents related to the niche you have picked. You get money through the affiliate marketing, relevant advertising and also sponsored posts. The more readers or visitors coming to your sites, the more money you earn. However, it requires good time management, planning and lot of creativity to make the readers know how valuable your blog is.

Freelance Editor or Writer

Again, a great job for students with passion in writing. Plus, it pays pretty good amount of around $50 per article. Usually, it is popular among those who travel and make money on the go while traveling. This lucrative flexible work is definitely not boring. Make the schedule yourself and set your own rates. Offer what articles and editing services that most clients found it attractive.

If you think you have good skills in English, offer a freelance proofreading as well in between your schedule in writing articles. A great way to make sure your skill stay sharp after graduating from college. There are various places on where you can advertise your services and get clients.

Micro Freelancer

A micro freelancer has become very popular in the last several years especially with the existence of Fiver, a place where the clients pay for any skills you offer including the most unique and odd skills. You can get paid starting from $5 to $50 per gig. It definitely is among the most creative online occupations for understudies. Basically, you can do anything in this job including doing the service requested by the clients like quick simple task.

Virtual Recruiter

You are not going to be a company recruiting for employees but a person who helps connecting the industries to the potential employees. This job requires you to be a liaison to hire the potential new employees for the company and industries. You will handle some responsibilities like screening resumes, negotiating salaries and conducting preliminary interviews. It is a great job to work on while completing your study at the college. There are various recruiter job listings available online you can apply for.

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

So, you have a passion in design and this work profession as PowerPoint Presentation Designer can be a good way to channel your skill and passion. What you will do is basically to help anyone who needs helps in preparing PowerPoint Presentation. For some people, preparing the PowerPoint Presentation can be a daunting task. You will be surprised of how many people actually are in need of this kind of services especially the keynote speakers who just don’t have time to handle the presentations. Offer your services online and get as many clients as you can.


Genealogist, another option on the list of jobs for college students that may not be too familiar is actually a job related to studying subject at school. This job is about helping people to put their tricky family trees together. It actually pays you pretty good around $70 to $700 per request. And you can manage how many work you want to handle every month. Make sure to list your services on the sites and targets potential clients around you.

Virtual Assistant

As the name suggest, virtual assistant is a job where you become an assistant that works virtually or through internet. It pays pretty good at around $10 to $20 per hour. The workload can be varying depending on the clients’ requests. For instance, one day you may help people with social media management and data entry. The next day, you may give client service for research and website maintenance. Or, you may also work in the customer service. So, basically the job you handle is according to the clients request and if you find it suitable, you can be their virtual assistants.


This is a job that pays around $15 to $25 per hour. It requires you to do the transcribing which basically makes it a work profession that requires no prior experience, flexible workloads and working hours. Yes, it sounds very easy. It is as easy as listening to audio and typing what you hear over it. However, it does require attention to detail because it can be repetitive. You can earn more money if you can handle specific transcription like in medical or legal fields.

Online Surveys

When it comes to online occupations for understudies, online survey job is certainly among the most popular jobs. It is actually about getting paid for doing online surveys. It is a great job and doesn’t require any skill. And, its working hour is flexible. It is even a job that teenagers can handle. To start doing this job, you have to find the best survey sites first. Remember, there are many bad survey sites that trick you into doing free surveys. So, it is very important to find the best survey sites.


Have you ever heard of AdClicking? Well, it is among the preferred online job that gets student to be paid around $10 to $30 per hour. It simply requires you to read and click the ads for less than 20 seconds each. And, there are some other short tasks you have to complete to earn the money. To get this job, you need to be first logging into the PTC sites. Make sure to find the legit and good sites because many sites are actually scams.

Become YouTuber

Who doesn’t know YouTube? A great place to find any interesting videos uploaded by people from any parts of the world. But this time, you are not going to be a viewer. Instead, you will be a YouTube. Yes, you create attractive video and upload in your YouTube account to let everyone watches your creation. No, you don’t have to be professional to be YouTuber. Even those people who seem to be lack in academic background and have no steady job can be an excellent YouTuber. What you need is an excellent, not boring and fresh idea for your YouTube video. Think of what viewers like to see the most and create such video. You will earn money on YouTube through advertising posted in your video. The more engagements, the more money you get.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Often known as Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk, it is a job that requires the worker to complete short tasks in only less than 5 minutes each. For every task, you will get paid from 1 cent to $1. You decide on how long you can work every day. The more you work and more short tasks you complete, the more money you earn. To get this job started, simply join the mTurk as worker.

Become Captcha Solver

You certainly know Captcha which is a particular program designed to protect the websites against any bots. It works by giving humans image to read that cannot be read by bots. So, in this job, your work is to solve the manual captcha and you earn around $1 to $2 to solve around 1000 captcha that may take less than an hour. Well, it may not be a job that pays you pretty good but it can be a start before you find better online jobs.

With so many online occupations for understudies, finding a job that suits your passion or at least pays you pretty good enough money is not hard. While completing your study, extra money in your pocket certainly sounds good, right?

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